There is growing attention to sustainable building methods - among architects as well as developers. Particularly the use of natural stone can help preserve the environment, as it causes significantly less carbon emissions than, for example, construction with precast concrete elements. Our vision is clear: the construction industry must become greener.

Around 40% of global carbon emissions are caused by the construction industry

40 % of global CO₂ emissions are caused by the construction industry - this has been determined by the non-profit organization the World Green Building Council. When it comes to producing waste, the construction sector does not fare well either. According to the German Federal Statistical Office, the sector produces more than half of the annual volume of waste.

How natural stone is helping to realize green buildings

Less CO₂ emissions with natural stone facades

In order to compare the CO₂ emissions of natural stone with precast concrete elements and artificial stone, we supplied the Gabi4 life cycle assessment software with corresponding data.

This includes, for example, key figures from production, transport, repair and maintenance, but also presumed recycling potentials. For a facade area of 800 square meters, the results show that natural stone saves building owners around 43 - 59 % of C02 emissions.

The production hardly requires any energy

Natural stone is created by natural processes and is stored in the quarry as a "finished" product. So no energy is needed for the production itself, only a small amount is needed for quarrying and further processing.

Natural stone is reusable - in a number of ways

If a building is demolished, the natural stones can usually be reused easily - for instance as window sills, masonry stones or pebbles

Natural stone
Artificial stone
Precast concrete

Natural stone lasts for thousands of years

There is probably no natural building material that lasts longer than natural stone. The Pantheon in Rome still exists today - and was built almost 2,000 years ago.

Natural stone contains no hazardous substances

Unlike artificial stone, natural stone does not contain any environmentally harmful substances and can be returned to the raw material cycle without any problems.