Aesthetics | Form | Eternalness

In almost all periods, stones have borne great cultural meaning. Whether in support of astronomical calculations or manifestation of religious rites, stones were entwined in the myths of Antiquity, or in the monumental buildings of the Greeks and Romans.

Fascinated by the power, aesthetics and eternalness of stone,we have chosen natural stone as our favourite work material, and have created everything from stone ever since. We travel the world, in search of just the right stone for our clients’ needs and purposes. We do not have a particular preference for certain stones or projects; marble may be just as suitable as granite to give a hotel facade or a public square a really interesting look.

With decades of experience working with stone in Berlin an nationwide, we shall be at your disposal: from the optimization of your vision to the completion of your project. We offer you an all-inclusive expert service, covering the design and planning stages, complete calculations, and a final project inspection.

We would very much like to invite you for an informative meeting, to discuss your project ideas and, of course, to get to know you.