Unique marble works

Nature does not work like a factory: each piece of natural stone is unique ...

09. Sep, 2021

Cartier Mansion - Marble works

Beauty is in the details, that's the guiding principle we have ...

02. Sep, 2021

From stone block to slab

While our team works on the planning of the Cartier Mainson project down to the smallest detail, the marble block taken from the quarry is being transported to the plant for cutting and finishing.
The cutting process is performed by machines that work for several days ....

26. Aug, 2021

The Quarries of Carrara

Italy. Thousand years of tradition are combined with the latest technological achievements...

13. Jul, 2021

Project: Miami USA - Rendering

State of the art technology is a top priority for us! What better way to get an impression of a new project than with a 3D rendering?

16. Jun, 2021

Italian marble - Berlin project

Originally from Puglia, Italy, Ambrato marble is a gorgeous natural stone that can be used in a variety of settings. This brownish marble ....

09. Jun, 2021

Cartier Mansion New York

We are particularly proud to announce that Stones & Rocks is doing the marble work for this project....

21. May, 2021