Natural stone – a fundamental decision

The characteristic of buildings and areas is determined considerably by the materials used. Natural stone, with its interplay of colour and structure, is not only the oldest building material known to mankind, but also makes each building unique.

Natural stone has been well known as a symbol of durability and power throughout the ages. A new aspect, however, is the extremely long product use for which, in times of growing environmental awareness, natural stone is in even greater demand.


Ever more ambitious architects and constructors, in the private as well as in the public sector, work with natural stone. Its variety and aesthetics create individual compositional possibilities.

Its longevity and timelessness make natural stone a fundamental decision for life.

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Material | Precision | High tech

For 30 years, we have been developing building projects with natural stone in Europe and the Middle East. We travel all over the world in search of the optimal stones for our clients’ projects.

Quarries all over the world

Project-related CAD planning to the last detail

Project-related purchases directly in the quarries

Whenever possible the stones are manifactured in the country of origin (CO2 balance)

Innovative anchoring technology in the facade construction

Largest authority and manifold resources of know-how and technology

Laying work exclusively by Italian handcraftsmen

Worldwide network of contacts, with access to low-priced alternatives

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